My human race we need to seriously repent

According to the U. S and World Population Clock, there are 7 billion plus inhabitants in the whole wide world.  Wouldn’t it be great if we all repented, heaven would be filed with joy. However, we don’t  all share the same rich, catholic faith that offers the sacrament of reconciliation.

Brothers and Sister in Christ, those of other faiths, and non believers, I truly believe worldwide repentance can happen we just need to pray to the Holy Spirit, He, will illuminate and guide us.  I remember when I came back to the church and trust me I had been away So long. I read a wonderful leaflet Living Water The Gospel of John with notesthat I found at a pregnancy center.  This little free book saved my life, I was spiritually dead! anyway I am getting of  subject.  Start reading the bible get to know God, He waits for you, Also examine your conscious daily there is another great small leaflet that is called An examination of conscience by fr. Robert Altier and lastly say the Act of Contrition.  And don’t forget to Pray Our Blessed Mothers Rosary.  I guarantee ALL of you… your life will change for the better. 

Today I know that I can not do anything on my own without God, He is my ALL. With that said I bless you brethren.

Oh one more thing watch EWTN, Mother Angelica is the bomb! With all do respect.

Religion protects society from breakdown by Thomas O’dea

“Human life, O’Dea observes, is marked by contingency and death. For most people life is also painfully affected by powerlessness and scarcity. It is religion, O’Dea proposes, that enables people to cope with these challenges, persevere in the roles they play in their social setting, and thus become instruments serving the equilibrium of society. Religion protects society from breakdown.Religion offers support and consolation to people during times of disappointment; religion communicates a sense of security under conditions of uncertainty; religion confirms the accepted norms of society as religious duties and thus stabilizes the social order, despite the unequal distribution of rewards; religion communicates a social vision that at times releases reformist impulses in society; religion in many cases provides people with a collective identity; and religion helps people as they move through the phases of their life cycle and teaches them how to die. Thus, because religion makes people peaceful, resourceful, and stable, it fulfils an all-important, irreplaceable function in society.”